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In the project archives, you can have a look at the results of Vocational Skills Projects that have already been created in order to find ideas for your own tasks and projects.

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STI Group Company Presentation
Author: Tkotz Laura
commercial occupations > customer relations / public relations > customer satisfaction > Analysis
Die Präsentation beeinhaltet Allgemeines über die Firma in der ich meine Ausbildung mache. Die Geschichte, andere Standorte, Produkte und Services werden angeschnitten, sowie die Zertifikate und das soziale Engagement. Der Hauptpunkt liegt auf de ...

Energy Transition - The Importance of Renewable Energy
Author: Schworm Jennifer
commercial occupations > company development / economic development > environmental protection / sustainable development > Comparison
My Power Point Presentation shows my research results regarding the importance of renewable energy in idfferent countries with a special focus on Germany and the UK. During my stay abroad I tried to find out in how far energy transition and especial ...

Comparison beetween my workplace and the Royal Society/ Working as a secretary in England
Author: Klix Lisa
commercial occupations > other > other > Comparison
In my project, I have made a comparison between my workplace, the German National Academy of sciences Leopoldina and the English National Academy - the Royal Society of London. I describe both academies in 4 categories: General facts, History, Membe ...

The Detection of Allergens in Food by using the ELISA Testing Method
Author: Roggan Denise
technical trade occupations > production / service provision > manufacturing processes > Overview
Why is it important to detect any allergens in food and how does the ELISA method work?

Video and Website
Author: Richter Andre
ICT area and media-occupations > other > other > Overview
In my project I designed a webside and programm it. Also I make a Video Diary and a documentation video. On the website we present our trip and our photos and videos. We write about us and our experience. The secret-key for the website: us ...