Bournemouth Guide 2017

During my stay in Bournemouth, I have created a guide through Bournemouth. This guide is especially for language students who are doing an internship or a language course there. In my guide, I explained the most important things about the city but as well about the people. I have also written about my own impressions and the language school, where I attended a language course. As this guide is aimed to language students, I showed the most important things to know and to do in Bournemouth and its surroundings.

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Katharina Niewerth

Vocational area: commercial occupations

Occupation: foreign language correspondant

Destination country: United Kingdom

Personal information: Hello, my name is Katharina and I am 17 years old. Aditionally to my vocational training as a foreign language correspondant, I am doing my A- levels. In my freetime I like playing tennis, taking pictures and editing them. Besides I spread out flyers for a travel agency. In addition I am leading a group of ministrants.