Technical use all over the World & Travel Experience

In my project I worked on the the questions to the technical use all over the world and use of applications for building automation. Therefore I talked to different students and asked them some questions. Because I found a man using building automation at home I´ve got a small interview where he show his opinion for the private use of building automation. At last I´ve done a small blog with posts and pictures from four weeks in Bournemouth.

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Jennifer Klein

Vocational area: commercial occupations

Occupation: Vocational Training as Industrial management assistant

Destination country: United Kingdom

Personal information: Jennifer Klein, 19 years, Vocational Training as Industrial management assistant, first year My hobbies are dancing on carnival and latin dance, also I like to read and to do something with friends. Personal information to allergic reactions: I can´t eat different fruits if they are not heated because of their proteins. I am also allergic to birch and some pollen in spring.