What is a European Vocational Skills Project?

Find out here: Why trainees and training companies recommend European Vocational Skills Projects. How does the EVST project database help project coordinators implement them?

Unlike an internship abroad, you will not be working at a company, but instead will be working on a task (alone, in a pair or in a group) that has to do with the occupation you are training for. The possibilities are endless:

Find out, for example, how people work in your field in England, or what is different about your profession in Spain. Examine what a specific procedure, technique or product looks like in France. Or describe how economic developments affect your field in Poland. This can also be tied in with the question of what people in other countries know or think about Germany, for example.

"The task is to find the relevant information abroad, for example through conversations, interviewing people, visiting companies, doing research on the Internet or sending inquiries by email, through on-site observations, making photos or short videos. You upload your results in the form of reports, PowerPoint presentations, photos or videos to the EVST project database and can also present these at your school or training company."

If this sounds difficult, don’t worry! Naturally you will get assistance in the form of a preparatory seminar, a language course in the destination country and supervision and support on site. The project task will be tailored accordingly to your interests and previous knowledge.

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European Vocational Skills Projects (EVST projects) offer an exciting alternative to simply doing an internship abroad. Trainees do not work, or do not work exclusively, at companies for these projects, but instead work on training related project tasks and bring the results presented by you at the company or at the school back home with you. The objective of these Vocational Skills Projects is to increase the learning effect of a stay abroad. The project reports can also be assessed and recognized as a training-related learning performance through the association with the framework curriculum or outline curriculum.

In general, these European Vocational Skills Projects also include an accompanying language class, the preparation of participants in Germany as well as supervision and support in the destination country.

The EVST project database will help you to create project tasks, look at project tasks already completed or simply to find a body responsible for the project, which takes over the project organization for the trainee or student.

Find out more about the experiences that participants and training companies have had as a result of their involvement in our video, and the opportunities available to take advantage of the EVST project database by registering as a user.

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